OBX Travel Diary

Hello fellow human beings of the internet.

From Monday-Wednesday I was vacationing in the Outer Banks. Commonly known as the OBX. This is what I did while staying there.


On Monday morning I got up around 8 00 am and went to pick up my friend Bella who was coming with me on the trip. After, I picked up my Nana. Since, where I stayed the night before was close to the Outer Banks it only took me a few hours to get to the beach house. When I got there we all unpacked the food and suit cases. Once done with that, I went to Five Guys ( very beachy indeed). We tried to go thrift shopping, but they were all closed. Then I went to the sand dunes and had a blast! Since, I brought a slicked sided boogie board I could slide down the sand dunes. My mom wanted to show my Nana the beach at night afterwards because we did not get to go ghost crab hunting.



On Tuesday another family came early in the morning, to stay. A few hours after, wen everyone was settled and ate there breakfast, we went to the beach. I stayed for about 3 hours then went to the marvelous, Duck Donuts, one of the main highlights on my trip. The other family and I decided to go shopping at Sunsations where I picked up a pair of high wasted bathing suit bottoms. Since my birthday was a few days before, I decided to open the rest of my presents there. ( there will be a birthday haul ) Then we watched Dance Moms.



Wednesday was my last day so we all cleaned up and did the laundry. We also went to the sand dunes one last time. I also got to go to this small activity center and go on a trampoline with bungee cords attached to me. Sadly the other family had to leave. After they left I went back to the beach house, which was spotless. (thank you Nana) On the way back I decided to stop by the sound side of the beach. It is only available for owners and renters in the beach house neighborhood we stayed at.


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