Eat or Delete: Mochi

Hello fellow human beings of the internet.

Today I’m going to start a new series called Eat or Delete. I’ll be taking recipes, different types of food, and drinks and seeing if I would get more and eat it or totally “delete” it from my shopping list.

Yesterday, I picked up some Mochi: Ice cream. It’s basically Japan’s/China’s (not certain) take on yogurt. They had many different flavors including “leaf” flavor, but I got it in the flavor strawberry. The outside of thebox is as photogenic as you get but not the same experience on the inside.


I had no idea what to expect, but THAT was not on my list of ideas. Besides being destroyed on theinside I managed to find a few I could try, and trust me did NOT look like the picture on they iinside. They were ginormous and floppy. I bit into the shell and it tasted and felt like raw dough. Although the yogurt type liquid on the inside was quite tasty, so I sucked it out.

For me I am going to have to call it a delete, but if you happen to enjoy raw dough then go ahead and buy it from Trader Joe’s. Xx


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