Hello fellow human beings of the internet.

I want to say a big thank to the wonderful Laura Kamada, look_itslaura,  for nominating me. Go check out her blog, she writes great beauty  and fashion blogs.


1.State the name of the person who nominated you

2. Answer the questions asked by the person who nominated you

3. List 10 random facts about yourself

4.Nominate 15 bloggers that are about fashion and beauty

5.The people you nominate have to have less than 200 followers

6.Let the bloggers know you nominated them

Here are Lauren’s questions….

If you use face masks, what’s your favorite mask brand

I always like trying out new face masks, but the one that I’ve liked the most is the love and beauty one from Forever 21.

What’s your favorite makeup brand

Maybelline [ mostly for the lips ]

 Red lips or nude lips

Nude lips

Be honest, how many times do you wash your makeup brushes

What’s your makeup routine

I don’t have one. Just whatever I’m feelin! But I can say it’s not a lot at all.

10 random facts about me:

1. when I’m bored while I watch TV, I’ll see how much lipstick/chap stick I can put on. oops!

2. I’m moving


4. I play piano

5. my hair when I was younger, was bleach blonde

6. I can grow my nails out super long

7. I have a really hard time doing this

8. I’ve had my blog for 4 months

9. I get my blog inspiration from my mom and her blog Fire Within Me

10. I’m done

The beauty bloggers I nominate are:

Geek of Chic

em & everything


shopaholic lifestyle

style watch- style watch –

beauty and balance

milly drake


alis chic




r u s h m a r e

jenn about town

tentacles and cupcakes

Now these are the questions you have to answer:

1. naturel or color makeup

2. casual or fancy style

3. favorite lipstick

4. blush or bronzer

5. when did you start wearing makeup

I can’t what to see what your answers are. Make sure to check out everyone’s blogs an give this one a like aswell. Also, please follow all my social medias that are linked in my about bar and everyone else’s. Hope you have a great day!



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