Current Wishlist

Hello fellow human beings of the internet.

This is my clothes wishlist. (Not any particular season)

I tried to make this particular one a little on the less costier side.image I feel like this hat could get me out of my comfort zone and a great staple piece. ( even though the color is a little dark, it can work )

image Oh look another hat… I have about the same reason for this one as the other hat. I really enjoy the floppy hat part of this hat.

imageLoving the simplicity of this Brandy Melville ring. Wearing a ring would be something new for me this year.

imageAnother Brandy Melville ring. This one is so cute mostly because of of how it is not a complete circle for which some reason makes me jump for joy!

imageThese hard bottom flip flops remind me of the great USA.

imageLOVING these 1 strap white American Eagle sandals.

imageSimplicity on fleek.

imageFloral prints are favorite!

imageI have literally been dying to find a pair of high wasted bikini bottoms. Now all I have to do is find them and then buy them…

imageThis white cardigan can go with almost anything.

imageI love the grunge aspect of this cardigan.

imageI feel like this skirt has more class than me all together…

imageI mostly like this because of what it says and I COMPLETELY.

imageThese shorts look super comfortable and the pattern is all over the internet.

imageLove this plain, arty, Brandy Melville white T-shirt.

imageTrying to get out of my comfort zone with this blue tie die T-shirt.

imagePretty in Pink!

image90’s amazballs

imageBringing some sporty into this wishlist.




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