Sick days can be fun days…

Hello fellow human beings of the internet.

Today I will be talking about what you can do when your sick.

So, currently I am sick, which gives me a great idea of what you can do. Being sick is one of the smaller sucky part of your life. Although, there are some perks especially  if you are in school. If you know what I mean. Now if your up to it there are a few things you can try, to do.

1. Read

It doesn’t matter what. It could be a book, a novel for school, a magazine, a article online.

2. Write

If you enjoy writing small books or in a diary or something.

3. Complain, that’s always fun 1!!! 1! 1!!


5. Eat

When you’re sick, you have the perfect excuse to be lazy all day which includes eating what you like. AHA

6. Play video games

7. Go shopping online!

I hope this blog helped if you are sick and enjoy your day.

Thank You.


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