3 Reasons Why You Should Wright a Blog

                  Hello fellow human beings of the internet.

 Today I will be talking about 3 different reasons to write a blog, because sometimes I know it can be hard.

       1. Make a personal mental list of why you should.

 I know you are probably thinking, your suppose to be making the list. But I don’t know you personally and so you might have personal reasons why you should, so think about that.

       2. Think about how it could effect your business or blog.

 For those of you have a blog for your business, if you put more blogs out there about your business, then more people will notice your business. Also, if you are trying to build up your blog to become your own business, you need to put more blogs out to build up followers.

       3. The people who you could help.

 Believe it or not your blogs can help people and when you realize that it makes you feel good.

Thank you.


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