6 Reasons To Dress Your Way

Hello wonderful humans of the internet. Today I want to talk to you about something (clothes wise) very important…your own style. When you here about or see a new style, of course you want to try it out to for whatever reason. I’m not saying it is bad to, but if you don’t enjoy wearing what you are then why do it? Because everyone else or all the cool kids are wearing that. But it shouldn’t be like that, so that’s why I’m  giving you 6 reasons not to:

  1. Blending In

Especially in today society it’s all black, white, stripes…plane. It is all the same and if you wear that you might notice it but other people won’t. Although, if you genuinely enjoy those clothes, by all means wear them.

2.  Starting New Trends

So with all trends someone has to think of them and believe it or not you can be that person.

3. Bringing Something Back From the Dead

This is something that has been happening ALOT lately. What I mean by that is wearing and old style once more. For example chokers and and the flannels around the waist.

4. Someone Can Discover

If you have something you like to wear someone on the street or anywhere does not know of, they maybe can try it out to.

5. Be Known

You can be known about your friend as the person who is not insecure to wear what you like

6. Express Yourself

Oh yes the old classic. With out even talking to someone if they look at what you wear they can learn this one thing about you.

That is all for today thank you for reading! Bye.


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