Hello everyone! So today I want to talk about a store that I have recently found…..F&F. F&F is a European store. It has recently moved from Europe to America. It also has multiple stores branched off from it, like Flormar and Suite Blanco. Anyways when it first moved into my mall, I thought it was going to be a fancy expensive store. NO! This store has stylish and comfy clothes all with great prices. F&F has men’s, woman’s, and children’s clothes.They even have great sales all the time. They have a row of $5 row that consist of tank tops, plane shirts, colorful joggers, and the most adorable baby doll dresses. Also along the side is a 70% of rack ( where i get most of my clothes ). All the great styles you feel you have missed you can find here. And if you are needing a prom, homecoming, ect. dress this is where you can find it. Along with there stylish beDAZZLED dress’ there are…p.j.’s. I know exciting!! Please do yourself a favor and head to this store and treat yourself to a little something! Thank You.

#stores #clothes #fashion #style #shops #shopping #life


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