Hello everyone! So today I want to talk about a store that I have recently found…..F&F. F&F is a European store. It has recently moved from Europe to America. It also has multiple stores branched off from it, like Flormar and Suite Blanco. Anyways when it first moved into my mall, I thought it was … More F&F


I have recently noticed more magazines just around. Because of that I bought my own I got the Seventeen magazine. I think magazine’s are very helpful for multiple reasons. When I was,looking through this one in one of the pages there was a sample for a skin set ( which will be in another blog … More Seventeen

My Casual Outfit

This was my outfit for the day. I like this one for how laidback it looks. You can not tell from the picture but I am wearing sneakers from Forever 21! I also enjoy how the main point of color is the jeans which is different then most outfits these days. My top is a … More My Casual Outfit

Hello !!!

Hello! My name is Kylie. I am new to this. My blog will mostly be about fashion, beauty, tips for different things, and much more. Enjoy.