Hello fellow human beings of the internet. Art. Art, is not just something in a museum. It is not just something worth 60,000 dollars. Art isn’t something we can just hang up in our rooms. It is all around. On streets, on people. It’s the way we move. Our perspe to be of the world, and how … More Art


             Hello fellow human beings of the internet. It is the most wonderful time of the year…..almost. Fall has approached in the most wonderful way. It getting cooler. Just like in every season, in Fall you get to experience things you don’t in other times of the year. Like, the … More FALL

I’m Back!!!!

Hello fellow human beings of the internet. I am sooooooo sorry I haven’t put anything  up, but don’t worry there’s a reason. When I moved into my new house there was no wifi and as you all know you need wifi to do ANYTHING on the computer so there was no way to put one … More I’m Back!!!!

OBX Travel Diary

Hello fellow human beings of the internet. From Monday-Wednesday I was vacationing in the Outer Banks. Commonly known as the OBX. This is what I did while staying there. Monday: On Monday morning I got up around 8 00 am and went to pick up my friend Bella who was coming with me on the … More OBX Travel Diary


Hello fellow human beings of the internet, We all have those days where you want to shop but, you don’t want to go to the mall. The problem is that you can’t decide what store to go on to, and all the work that comes with trying to find what you want. That struggle is … More GET THE LOOK